VH Founding Team

VH was founded in 2014. Three partners ( Tommy, Gang and Ray ) come from the sales and design fields respectively. Chance and similar pursuit bring the three people together. Like most entrepre-neurs, VH is shaping its own culture, constantly adjusting the way of thinking and product expression to show people our attitudes and opinions.

Concerning the meaning of "Yuwen Studio",“Yu (雨)" , as a part of "Lei (雷)" and "Wen(文)" as a part  of "Liu (刘)”in Chinese characters, come from the surnames of the two Chief Designers, Mr. Lei and Mr. Liu. "Yu", which means "rain", stands for the existence of the substance, and "Wen", which means "li-terature", is the symbol of human awareness. Been put together, "Yuwen" represents the mix and harmony of the material world and spiritual world.

As the core design team of VH, we create products by thinking about the existence of things in a reasonable way, which is ultimate inward and calm outward, so as to make the relationship between products and people more harmonious and beautiful, and hope to create a kind of inner attitude towards life - "temperament of treating things" ,through this form, build emotions through people  and objects, calm down the impetuous heart, and calm down to treat people and things around us.

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