Founded in 2014, VH is an original design-led brand company and dedicated to design simpler, more elegant, natural and adaptable products. We have many years of experience in product design, manufac-turing and brand operation, we don't want to go with the flow but want to do less and more important things. We hope to create rational and attitude products, integrate new design language, pass on to the recipients, integrate into their lives and let them like the products. Through a good design, the parts are organized according to the structure, materials and the purpose of use in an orderly way. No extra embe-llishment is needed to embody the beauty of the product's essence, it resonates with the consumer and becomes a part of our daily life from the moment we pick it up. Careful selection of materials, clever arr-angement of ideas and the function of making the best use of things.

VH is the abbreviation for Vertical Horizon. Vertical means perpendicular while Horizon means aclinic, and the two phrases respectively symbolize vision and heart. The wider your horizon is, the deeper you think and the warmer your product designed will be. VH hopes that such products and users will pursue the beauty of adaptability and the life philosophy of the nature of creation together.

Subtle, Straightforward, sincere, Smart is the core design concept of VH design, each product design is derived from our understanding of aesthetic concepts. In the process of product design, we constantly break the routine and try new ideas, so that the product is novel and cordial, which creates a simple and comfortable life atmosphere.

In VH culture, innovation is the core of design, but the premise of innovation is that we use new techno-logies and intelligent while ensuring that our products have the minimal impact on the environment. We have to consider the impact on the earth at every step of the design process, from selecting raw materials to optimizing packaging design to reduce waste. We believe that it is part of our responsibility to improve our lives through design, which means taking care of our common planet.